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Meet The Founder

Waldo van Waveren

Ceo / Founder

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When I started Lunanovix in 2019 I was obsessed with what I’ve now coined as “The Marketing Value Gap of Unquantifiable Embellishments”.

Marketing has become about the creation of catchy content and decorative wording without really focussing on what really matters - LEAD GENERATION.

Lunanovix exists to fill this gap.


“My Obsession to fill this ever-growing value gap is the reason why Lunanovix is the most logical option to go within the 21st century”


- Waldo Van Waveren, Founder & CEO of Lunanovix

The Three C's


Each chatbot is unique, just like every business. The creation of a chatbot is uniquely tailored to the companies needs and desires. A hands-on approach with the end in mind is how the creation process gets started. 


Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item, in this case, a unique chatbot that not only automates processes but also increases the companies revenue. 


We live in a world where everything is constantly changing around us thus pioneering and inventiveness is the way forward. With the help of chatbots and omnichannels that is possible.


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Click-Through Rate

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Dynamic integration 

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